Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oil Painting is indeed my favorite medium!

August 2017 Landscape
May 2016 Landscape

Yellow Stone
Cabin by the Lake
Florida Shack
Lighthouse by the ocean



Calla Lilies

(I received this Christmas Card, and I fell in love with the composition, so I had to repreduce it!)


Midnight Trees

Fall Scene

A mouthful of peas!

I had a very strange dream the other day, and when I woke I inmediately went to my canvas to express myself.  This seldom happens to me, but here is the result.  I called it "desolation".

I was a little bore today and had these small panels, and thought I have not grabbed my brushes in a while, so came up with these two florals.

A quick painting from a photo of a cyber friend!

I love the American Eagle.  It stands proud and is such a symbol for our country.  I just finished this painting last week.

Unfortunately my father and law passed this month and I wanted to honor him by posting a painting I did for him last Christmas as a gift.  He loved fishing and hunting.

These are two of my favorites works: my husband and son fishing at a nearby creek, and an old fire truck in an intersection near home!