Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Virtual Paint Out

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November 2014
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November 2013


August 2013

Oil on canvas 2.5 x 3.5


June 2013

May 2013

It has been a few months since I participated in the Paint Out, but I enh=joyed working this month on a small landscape.


January 2013

I decided that mountain was too lonely and added a couple!

October 2012

August 2012

This is a piece in oils.  Tazmania was this month's paint out!


July 2012

After a short hiatus, I gave a try to another scene.  Thailand was just so appealing, even though the backgrounds where so busy it was a little overwhelming!  At the end I decided on this piece in watercolor.

April 2012

Gdansk, Poland

March 2012

St. Petersburg, Russia a pop art rendition of the Hermitage Museum in India ink with bamboo brush and markers.

February 2012

A different media experiment!  A combination of markers, inks, colored pencils and graphite pencils.

January 2012

8 x 10 Oil on canvas

Going back to my confort zone for December!

Aries in November, the place where Van Gogh did so many  paintings ... I was so tempted to paint in oils a landscape in his style,  but I decided to for in a complete different Avenue and use watercolors and pencils, which I rarely do!

Sardinia in Italy for October, with its beautiful coastal landscapes.

September was New Orleans, and I thought it would be fun to paint a painting!

In August I opted for a simple road and trees.  I fell in love with the perspective.

In July the challenge for the virtual paint out is Jersey is one of the Channel Islands that sits off the coast of Normandy, France, and south of Great Britain.  Here is my contribution.

This is my contribution for the mont of June.  The Virtual Paint Out is located in New Zealand!


May Virtual Paint Out is on the beautiful Cote d'Azur in the French Riviera.  I opted for a scenic view.

The virtual paint out the month of April was Japan.  I can not help but think all month long about the people that perish and are suffering in that area of our world. 
I decided to paint something sort of cute, and appealing to grown ups and kids alike  and I will be putting this painting on EBay for sale where 100% of the proceeds I make will be donated to the Japans relief efforts.

I hope I can follow the virtual paint out every month this year.  March is the start of a new year for me because is my birthday!  This month Bill took us to Cape Town.  I had no idea how beautiful it was.

 Romania is such a beautiful simple country.  I opted for a house.  I am not very good at depicting buildings,  but I gave it a try.

In December the paint out was located in County Clare, Ireland.   I did not want to do water, so I opted for a farm house..

How much fun is Rio de Janeiro!
  It was so hard to pick, but I ultimately had to go for the beach! I remember traveling there many years ago, and the contrast between the beauty of nature, and not so pretty construction in some areas is one of the things I recall the most. I decided for a beach scene in a very small canvas. I do not think I never painted that small, and I found it way harder than working on a bigger surface. One looses much of the detail...

The month of October the virtual paint out was located in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico.  As much as I love the colonial Spanish homes, I decided to go for something a little different, and return to the medium I love,  oils.

I lived in NY for some of my college years, and when I learned we were going to Manhattan on the virtual paint out for September I was ecstatic!  However, I found it quite difficult to find something to paint. I had in mind all these great buildings and locations, but I was so disappointed to find out so many people and vehicles blocking it. This month of August on the virtual Paint out Bill took us to Prince Edward Island in Canada. I was surprised to see a combination of plains and beaches. Very beautiful. As I scouted the area I saw many lighthouses, but decided not to paint those thinking many would do just that. I was so wrong! I am always amazed at the creativity and different views of every artist.

It became a daunting task. I also thought to paint something that would refer to 9/11, but all the streets are still blocked and fill with constructions signs.

I settled for something not out of the ordinary. Because of time constraints, I worked with pastels this time. I do not have much experience with the medium, and it turned out very different to what I ususally do.

I decided to give the guy a face, and even a beard. Here is the link to my inspiration:   Hey Taxi!

For the month of August Bill took us to  Prince Edward Island in Canada. 

I decided for just a plain road going to the beach. I eliminated all the building and posts, as I wanted to give it a modern look in perspective. As a relatively new artist, I welcome any comments on how to improve.

This is my end result, and below the link for my inspiration!

This month of July the virtual paint out was in Hong Kong.  I was taken by some beautiful scenery, and the contrast between the city and the majestic mountains by the roads.  So I decided to work on two paintings.  I am not very happy with the fabric street,  but I may take it on the future when I have grown in experience, and work some more of it.

Here are my works:

June 2010 

I really enjoyed participating in the virtual paint out this month. I was a little intimidated because I might not have as much experience as others do.

I decided to eliminate all the signs from the original source, and I do not know if many noticed, but there are two little people by the beach! That is the reason I called it Exploring the Beach in Hawaii.

Looking at everyone’s work I was so amazed at how we all have so many different views and perspectives. Amazing. I also learned that I can look at an area and pick a good focal point, and not the whole thing.

Hope I can do better next time!

Here is the Link I picked for my art:


  1. "Hong Kong by the Road" is a good piece. I like the softness of color, the aerial perspective in the distant hills, and that astonishing blue sky.

    And I think you are right not to give up on "Fabric Everywhere!" It has a strong abstract design that could easily withstand further touches.

    Your Hawaiian beach scene really has the presence of the water.

    Right now I'm planning another Hong Kong scene. See you later.

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments!

  3. Maria, I came to your site because of the "Fabric Everywhere". This is a very interesting subject which catches the eye as one passes over all the entries. You did a good job with catching the right angle to show off all those rolls. Love it.
    I agree, you have learned to select an area with also a good focal point. I struggle with this as I "travel" the roads of the current country. Not only does one want a good focal point, but also one that is different from what others have selected. I enjoy all you have submitted. Ruth

  4. I ran across the "Hey Taxi!" guy when I was looking too! I'm so glad you chose him and that you gave him a face and a beard. Fun painting!

  5. Uh, how 'bout a new post for each VP month? Well, it would make commenting easier. Just a thought.

    So anyway, this time I came to say, Loooooove your Capetown ocean scene. The simple composition and closeness in color variation makes it lull me almost like the real thing. Nice!

  6. Hi Maria ! Love your painting of the French Riviera ! I just submitted two paintings for Virtual Paintout and will hopefully participate each month :-)

  7. I like the cool misty look of your French Riviera. Nice.

  8. Nice figure study for Elba.

  9. Thank you everyone for such nice comments. I am still learning and growing!